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A Complete Exercise Program for Healthy Older Adults

"Older adults" typically refers to anyone age 65 years or older, but it is important to realize that this age group includes a wide range of fitness and health. Age-related physiological changes result in declines in functional capacity that can impact activities of daily living. These physiological changes start at about 30 years old, and continue until end-of-life. Physical activity levels…Read More

Companion for Healthy Exercise

More than one third of adults and 17% of children (2-19 years of age) in the United States are obese. More than half of adults do not meet the Physical Activity Guidelines for aerobic physical activity, and the prevalence of aerobic physical activity declines with increasing age.

With these realities in mind, finding ways to encourage more physical activity is of paramount importance to…Read More

Burn Calories during Winter

Winter seems to never end this year. How long will it take to melt all this snow, if and when it actually warms up? How many more months will it be before we can start burning extra calories with our normal spring outdoor activities. We just cannot be physically active enough during the winter to burn enough calories to avoid adding a few pounds of unwanted fat to our bodies. We go to the Y for…Read More

NYC Pool Schedule

The Northern York County Branch pool schedules have been updated on the schedules page.  Please call the branch (207.283.0100) to inquire about lap time in the evening as availability has changed.  Thank you!

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Granville Lee Tournament Cancelled

The Granville Lee Basketball Tournament scheduled for next week at the Greater Portland Branch has been cancelled.  We plan to host a weekend tournament in the near future.  Thank you!

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Casco Bay - Pool Update

Both pools at the Casco Bay Branch will be closed this Sunday (February 23rd) from 8am - 1pm for the Masters Swim Meet.  Please call the branch around 1pm if you're planning to swim to make sure the pool is open.  Thank you!

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Child Care Hours on 2/18

Due to the storm warnings for today, both the Northern York County and Portland Branch Child Care Programs are encouraging parents to pick up their children as early as possible today to ensure the safety of all kids, parents, and Y staff.  Thank you!

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Warm Up A Cold Morning

It has been a very cold winter. Nothing starts a cold winter day better than a steaming bowl of hot cereal. Besides warming and filling you up, hot cereal gives you plenty of reasons to feel good about what your eating It's packed with fiber, protein, vitamins, and minerals, and pouring low-fat or fat-free milk over your cereal adds still more protein, calcium and vitamin D. If you also top…Read More

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