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Meet Ayman

Posted by: Unknown on 08.01.16 at 12:00:00 am

Ayman Musa, 24, has had many stops along his way to us here at the YMCA of Southern Maine. The video below explains Ayman’s initial arrival to America as well as his eventual arrival to Portland, Maine. When he first came to Portland, Ayman lived in a shelter and later moved on to become a resident in our GROW Program. Now living in his own apartment, driving his own car, and working full-time as a membership employee at our Greater Portland Branch, his sincere optimism and energetic personality help him make friends everywhere he goes. This video is the beginnings of a documentary about his life as he seeks asylum from Darfur. Be sure to say hello to Ayman the next time you visit us in Portland!


Finding my place from kunhardt photo on Vimeo.


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