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Did you know?? - Check inside for John's Fitness Tip-

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Here's a great tip for you from John Turrell, Fitness Consultant at our Greater Portland Branch:

"The most important strategy to not just survive to the age of 85, but to live healthy lives into old age is to be physically active during an individual's middle age. This was the result of a study at the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in Dallas, TX. If you are not fit in your 50s, your projected life span is eight years shorter than if you are fit! Wow! We tend to slow down our physical activity as we glide into middle age, but if we want to live a healthy, active life well into our 80s, we must stay very physically active. This study is great motivation. The YMCA is a great home base for all your physical activities."

Please check back soon for another useful tip!

John Turrell joined the Greater Portland YMCA in 2009 after working at the USM Lifeline Center for Health and Wellness for 11 years.  He has coached bsketball and track at Bonny Eagle High School for the past 20 years, and lives on the beautiful Mulloy Mountain in Limington.