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Gradually Reduce Calorie Intake

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The recently publicized results of a study by Harvard's Brigham and Women's Hospital indicate that the 2008 U.S. Department of Health guidelines urging thirty minutes of moderate exercise five day a week will not prevent women from gaining weight as they age unless they reduce calorie intake. Women who started at a healthy weight with a body mass index less than 25, and who gained hardly any weight during the study needed at least an hour of moderate activity daily. For those women who were already overweight when they started the study, even more than an hour of moderate acitvity per day was needed to prevent further weight gain, if there was no change in eating habits. This is a lot of exercise and would be a very difficult goal for most women to achieve. A more realistic choice would for women to gradually reduce calorie intake along with about a half hour of exercise as they age. Exercise is necessary not only to control weight gain, but also to help keep the heart healthy and protect against chronic disease. So, take advantage of your favorite exercise activities at the Y and try some new ones to maintain a healthy weight and have fun!