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Grow Old Young

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From your body's point of view, normal aging isn't normal at all. It is a choice you make by the way you live your life. You can control your aging process.

You replace about 1% of your body's cells every day. That means that 1% of your cells are new every day. It is your choice whether these new cells grow strong and are youthful, or decay and are old.

Most aging is programmed into our cells by sedentary living, junk food, and stress. Exercise and healthy food are master signals telling our cells to grow instead of fading. True biological aging is a surprisingly slow process. Sedentary living tells your cells to speed up this aging process. Exercise tells your cells to grow strong and stay young.

It is your choice whether your new cells come in stronger or weaker. Exercise and your cells grow stronger; sit down, and your cells decay. Motion controls your biological system.

You are in charge of your cell biology. It is your choice how fast your cells age. If you want to stay young, keep moving.