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Healthy Thanksgiving Feast

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We Americans should be very thankful for the abundance and quality of life that we enjoy. When we do our grocery shopping for Thanksgiving dinner, we should slow down and observe with thanksgiving all the available and healthy food in our large grocery stores.

Traditional Thanksgiving dinners are very healthy with our plates covered with several vegetables and lean meat. Jokes are often made about how we overeat, and then need to nap the rest of the day.

We do not have to overeat, and we can keep the more unhealthy food to a minimum. We can fill up the entire surface of our plate with many vegetables, but our problem in the past has been the vertical thickness of our servings. We can cover our plate, but just do not pile up the servings. The highest calorie foods are usually the stuffing and gravy. Just go easy, and still enjoy them. 

Pumpkin is very healthy; it is the other ingredients of pumpkin pie that are very high in calories. But, we still need to have our traditional pie. Instead of stuffing it into an already full stomach, take a break for a few hours. With the weather looking very pleasant for Thursday, enjoy the afternoon with a nice walk. Clean up the kitchen. You can then relax with your dessert and enjoy it more. It can also serve as a light supper, so no more meals are needed for the day.

The most important meaning of Thanksgiving Day is the thanks we have for our family and friends, and the high quality of life we can have as Americans. Be mindful of the very healthy meal and look forward to returning to your favorite Cumberland County YMCA for your healthy exercise.