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Increase Your Happiness!

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The Boomers are getting happier! Weren't they told that aging, with its undeniable physical declines and looming feeling of mortality, is supposed to be depressing? Not according to the recent survey results published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of more than 340,000 Americans. Researchers discovered that, in most people, a sense of personal well-being actually increases after age 50, regardless of gender or life circumstances. The study also found that feelings of stress, worry, and anger, after increasing until about age 50, tend to decrease in later years.

No experts seem to know for sure why people become increasingly happier after midlife. It could be that all that accumulated wisdom, an acceptance of life and its uncertainties, and perhaps even changes in brain chemistry may play a role. Whatever the reason, we have cause to look to that 50 year birthday and all that follow to bring us more joy and happiness.