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More Treadmill Spice

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Now that you have spiced up your treadmill with the two types of workouts I presented last week, and you have renewed your excitement for your New Year resolution, I offer you two more workouts you may try.

If you are pressed for time, you can try the "Fast 15." Start by jogging for three minutes. Then increase the speed to a fast pace and run for two minutes. You want this to be a hard run. Then jog or walk for 30 seconds. Repeat this two minute fast and 30 second jog/walk. Then extend the fast run to three minutes. Jog/walk for 30 second. Repeat the three minute run, then cool down with the jog/walk until the 15 minutes is up. If you happen to have more than 15 minutes, keep this workout going for a longer time.

The next time you come into the Y, try the "Hill Climb." When you start the treadmill, gradually increase your speed until you are at an easy pace. Run for three minutes, than raise the incline to 2 percent for one minute, and then to 4 percent for one minute. Lower the incline to level and jog for one minute. Raise the incline to 4 percent for another two minute, then jog for one minute at level. Continue this 4 percent running with level jogging for as long as you are able.

You now have four different treadmill workouts to keep you mentally and physically focused. The variety will keep you from plateauing.

Once you feel comfortable with these workouts, you may want to consider joining the triathlon training class at the Y to expand the variety of you workouts to cycling and swimming.

Have fun and stay fit and healthy.