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Radical Abdominal Workout Idea

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Are you performing hundreds of repetitions of various abdominal exercises to improve your performance in your favorite sport? After learning about the latest research, maybe you could save a lot of time.

When researches at Indiana State University began doing studies on strength of core muscles vs athletic performance, the results were a real surprise. Traditional thinking by coaches, athletes, and trainers has long been that athletes with the stronger cores would perform better on physical performance tests. The results of the research show no improvement in performance by athletes with sturdier core muscles!

For novices who are just beginning to train for participation in a sport activity, specific core training does help improve their performances. But for more seasoned athletes, simply training for your sport will give you enough core strength for you to perform at a high level. 

What this means is that you can avoid performing all those crunches. Actually, 6-8 good quality crunches a few time per week are sufficient. Perform them correctly by maintaining the natural curve of the spine and lift only enough to feel the first bit of contraction. Your abdominal, side, and back muscles all get an excellent functional workout during your normal athletic training.

We all have a "six-pack," but to show it off we just need to reduce the size of the covering.