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Walking Is One of Life's Pleasures

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Saturday afternoon the Portland Y Wellness Department had a party at Director Debbie Reed's home in Porter, ME. The party included a two mile walk. The pre-winter day was sunny and 48 degrees. The walk was pure pleasure.

It is said that most great thinkers are walkers, as thinking and walking seem to be at the same pace. Life seems so busy that we seem to not have enough time to walk or think.

Whether exercising our brain or body, health professionals have long prescribed regular exercise as one of the best and easiest ways to combat such conditions as high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, high cholesterol, obesity, osteoarthritis, and osteoporosis. Walking, which requires no special equipment, just a good pair of walking shoes, is one of the best and easiest exercise activities.

Portland is a walkers' city. The destinations of the Portland West End and East End and the many streets leading to these lookouts are great Portland walkways.

Portlanders are great gardeners, and walking the flower-filled neighborhoods of Portland during the spring, summer, and fall provides us with beautiful visual sensation.

The greater Portland area is a treasuretrove of walking trails. These trails are  popular with all ages, but they are particularly popular for families with young children and older adults who are more comfortable using trails that are away from highways with fast-moving traffic, city streets with crosswalks, or suburban roads that often lack adequate shoulders.

Portland Trails is a non-profit urban land trust dedicated to building a network of multi-use trails in the Greater Portland area. New trails are continually being developed to fill a need for convenient and scenic paths that promote walking, running, and biking on traffic-free routes. Check out the Portland Trails website for maps of their many trails.

Healthy Maine Walks is an agency that on their website provides information on how to find a walking route near you and to share information about walking routes.

Most trails can be used in the winter with snowshoes and cross-country skis, but beat the snowy winter by enjoying a walk in the pre-snowy sun today.