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You Sound Hungry!

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Stomach and intestinal noises, such as rumbling, gurgling and growling, are a normal part of the digestion process, as food particles, liquids and pockets of gasses slowly move through your intestines. However, the loud stomach growling, called borborygmi, occurs when you haven't eaten and are hungry. Hunger and appetite are controlled by a complex system of hormone-like substances primarily made by your digestive system. When you haven't eaten for a while, these substances are released and cause the hypothalamus in the brain to turn on your hunger reflexes. A message is sent to your stomach and intestines, triggering muscle contractions and the release of acids and other digestive fluids. These cause the loud rumbling, grumbling sounds you and anyone near you can hear. So, to keep the noise level down at the Y and to give your energy system a boost eat a small snack before you start your workout.