Heritage Club

The YMCA Heritage Club is a program to build in long range financial stability for our Y. Through lifetime gifts or gifts through your estate plan, you can participate in establishing this financial stability. Your gift may provide you with various tax advantages while enabling you to do much more than you ever dreamed possible for the community through the YMCA.

Heritage Club

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Leaving a legacy through life insurance...

Most people have life insurance in one form or another and some individuals have multiple life insurance policies they have purchased over the years. In many instances, life policies have outlived their intended purpose. Life insurance is more than a source of protection for your family’s financial future. It is a flexible asset that can be used to leave your legacy to the our YMCA.

Naming the YMCA as primary or contingent beneficiary of your life insurance policy is a wonderful way to provide the YMCA with ongoing financial stability. You can also make the YMCA the owner and beneficiary of a policy. If you do not have life insurance you can consider purchasing a policy for the specific purpose of supporting the future of the YMCA.

There can be specific tax advantages for some of these strategies. Please consult your tax professional or advisor for guidance on the tax and planning benefits. For more information on how you can support the long-term mission of the YMCA please contact Helen Foley at 207-874-1111.