Access to full range of the Y’s programs and services is just a click away when you join today online. Financial assistance is available. We are committed to ensuring that everyone is able to take advantage of YMCA programs and services regardless of their ability to pay.

Join Online - Agreements

Consent & Membership Agreement:

In signing up for membership online, I agree to use the equipment properly and waive liability against the YMCA and/or its staff and directors. In the event of a medical emergency, I authorize a representative of the YMCA to seek medical attention on my family’s behalf. I give my permission for any photograph and other media materials for myself and/or my children to be used for promotional use by YMCA.
*If you have been convicted of a crime against children, or sexual assault, you are NOT eligible for membership at our YMCA.

I also agree to abide by the following statements:

  1. The membership card that I will receive upon initiating my membership is my official YMCA membership card. No privileges will be granted without presenting this card.
  2. My membership card is non-transferable. Loan of this card subjects the owner to loss of privileges.
  3. I will abide by all YMCA policies and program schedules.
  4. I know of no reason why I cannot safely participate in YMCA programs and I will not engage in any activity that may be harmful to myself or others.
  5. I will not utilize a personal trainer that is not a YMCA staff member, and providing his/her personal training services through the YMCA. This applies to all areas of YMCA programming, including, but not limited to fitness, aquatics, squash, racquetball, etc.
  6. The YMCA is committed to providing an inclusive environment, regardless of need, and will do everything in its power to make this possible. However, there may be needs which our staff are not trained to handle. In such an instance, the family or supporting agency will be asked to find and provide an aide for the member. Youth that require a one-on-one aide in school must be provided one at the YMCA via family effort. One-on-one aides must accompany the member at all times. The aide does not need a YMCA membership, but must check-in at the membership desk and obtain a “Care Giver” Card.
  7. I agree to abide by the YMCA’s Member and Guest Code of Conduct. (A copy of the Code of Conduct is available upon request at the membership desk.)

Draft Authorization:

Credit / Debit Card Draft
I give authority to the YMCA, at 70 Forest Avenue, Portland, ME 04101 to debit by MC/VISA account. When MC/VISA honors the debit by charging my account, such debit shall constitute my receipt for payment. Should any preauthorized debit not be honored by MC/VISA when received by them, I will remain liable for such payment. If for any reason the transaction does not go through, a notice will be sent and payment is expected within 30 days; failure to do so will result in termination of the membership.

I understand that if I wish to terminate my membership I must notify the YMCA in writing, by either completing the YMCA cancellation form or submitting my wishes in writing via postal mail, e-mail or fax.

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The YMCA is proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.