Membership Policies

Membership Policies

Position Statement

THE MEMBERSHIP POLICY OF THE YMCA shall act and function under the principles of the YMCA of the USA and the Constitution and By-Laws of the YMCA of Southern Maine.  To that end, the YMCA of Southern Maine will:

  • Evaluate and respond to community needs within its mission and objectives.
  • Be open to all people regardless of race, creed, color, religion, natural origin, age, gender, disability, marital status, sexual preference, personal financial position or veteran status.
  • Encourage the development of the character values of respect, responsibility, caring and honesty.
  • Promote the health of the spirit, mind and body for all.
  • Provide its members with benefits, privileges and opportunities within the Association.
  • Develop and implement ongoing orientation, training and communication systems for staff, members, volunteers and the community that position and promote membership as the heart of the YMCA.
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A. The YMCA of Southern Maine is a member based association and requires those who use its programs
and services to hold membership in it, another YMCA, or be a guest.
B. When a nonmember group desires to meet at the YMCA, it should be accorded privileges according to
the provisions of the YMCA of Southern Maine's policy outlined in the usage contract.


A. Members shall be encouraged to regard membership in the YMCA as a continuous relationship whether
their payments are made annually or in installments. Memberships are terminated by cancellation by the
member (including non-payment of dues) or by action of the appropriate governing body.
B. Long term guest passes may be available on a case-by-case basis and are subject to terms and dues as set
forth by the association.

1. Guests/Day Passes
Guests can use the YMCA up to three times in a twelve month period. Discretion should be used on a fourth visit. A fifth visit is not allowed and a membership would be needed to use the YMCA further. Guests must be a minimum of 18 years to use the facility with parent or guardian supervision and/or waiver of liability.
2. Membership/Program/Temporary/Long Term Guest Passes
     a) Temporary cards: Sporadic use of temporary cards will come with membership campaigns and financial assistance.
     b) Long-Term guest passes: Will be available as an exception for those who do not have access to our membership due to a limited stay in Cumberland County (i.e. college students on break, “snow birds,” work visitors). Year round residents are not eligible for long term guest passes.
Long term guest passes will be offered for two weeks or one month and are not consecutively renewable.


For consistency, the following definitions shall apply at all Branches:
A. Youth Program: Children between 0 and 7 years interested in taking programs at the YMCA. This program participation status will not allow access to the facility (pool, gym, wellness center, etc.) but
will enable the child to take programs at the youth rate.
B. Youth Membership: Children between 8 and 22 years. An exception will exist for swim team members over age 6, who are required to have a full YMCA membership in order to
participate in YMCA meets.
C. Adult Membership: Individuals ages 23 years or older (after High School).
D. Single Adult w/Family Membership: One adult plus children up through college or age 22 (whichever comes first, if living in the same household)
E. Family Membership: Two adults or two adults plus children living in the same household up through age 22. The two adults in the family can be identified as the member wishes (spouse, significant other, partner, two sisters, mother and daughter, etc.), with the exception of roommates. Elderly parents and adult children living with the family can also be included in the family membership as additional adults if they are dependent on the family.
F. Residential Membership: All YMCA residents are given a YMCA membership.

NOTE: Caregivers will be issued a care giver card to be used when bringing the member to the YMCA. Caregivers such as nannies and adult assistants will be required to have their own membership for personal use of the YMCA facilities. They are not included, as caregivers, in any membership, including family memberships.


As an Association, the following policies are applicable.
A. Reciprocity: Those holding Membership at any Branch shall have these same privileges at all Branches. Verification of membership is required.
B. AWAY Program: The YMCA of Southern Maine has “universal reciprocity.” Members of any other YMCA shall be admitted at no charge. Verification of membership is required.
C. Program Enrollment: Members will receive priority privileges for most programs. Local Branches will determine registration schedules and any other guidelines or restrictions. Local branches may also determine the inclusion of certain programs as a privilege of membership as well as pricing structures that may include reduced program fees for facility members. Members of a YMCA other than the YMCA of Southern Maine are considered non-members for program usage.


A. Pool: Children 8 years and older are granted individual access to the pool during open swim times after passing the appropriate swimming test. Children under 8 years may use the pool during open swim only when being supervised directly by an adult. Type of access to the pool will be determined after appropriate swimming tests have been taken.
B. Gymnasium and Bowling Alley (where available): Children 8 years and older can use the gymnasium and bowling alley when available (e.g. open gym times). Children under 8 years can use the gymnasium and bowling alley only with adult supervision.
C. Wellness Center: Children ages 12-14 can use the wellness center equipment after being certified by wellness department staff. Appropriate document of certification and identification will be kept on file within the wellness department for monitoring purposes. Children under age 12 can have limited access to wellness center equipment only with adult supervision and after being certified by wellness
department staff on specific equipment.
D. Teen Wellness Center (Portland Branch): Members can use the teen wellness center only with specific permission granted by the Wellness Director or Executive Director.
E. Locker Room Policies (branch specific):

Casco Bay Branch

Men’s locker room: Available to all men 18 years and up
Women’s locker room: Available to all women 18 years and up
Boys’ locker room: Available to all boys through age 17
Girls’ locker room: Available to all girls through age 17
Family/Adaptive Services locker rooms: Parents with children of the opposite sex, all members with disabilities as needed

Portland Branch

Upstairs men’s locker room: Available to all men with an adult or higher membership
Upstairs women’s locker room: Available to all women with an adult or higher membership.
Family locker room: Available to families
Boys’/Men’s locker room: Available to all male members. Men with girls 18 months and older are asked to use the family locker room. After 2:00 pm (Monday-Friday) this locker room is
available to members 18 years and younger only.
Girls’/Women’s locker room: Available to all female members. Women with boys 18 months and older are asked to use the family locker room
Men’s downstairs locker room: Available to all male members with an adult or higher membership.

Pineland Branch

Men’s locker room: Available to all male members. Females 5 years and younger may accompany male adult 18 years of age or older into men’s locker room
Women’s locker room: Available to all female members Males 5 years and younger may accompany a female adult 18 years or older into women’s locker room
Family changing stalls: Family changing stalls are available in both the men’s and women’s locker room for families.


Membership can be purchased in the following ways:
   1. Paid in full at time of enrollment or renewal by cash, check (with proper identifications) or major credit card.
   2. Monthly Payment Plan allows the member’s monthly membership fee to be paid by automatic wiithdrawal of funds from his/her checking or savings account or through monthly charge to a major credit card accepted by the YMCA of Southern Maine. A member who uses this system will remain a member until he/she notifies the YMCA in writing of discontinuance. To use this system, an enrolling or renewing member must agree to terms and conditions of the draft form.
   3. Open Doors Financial Assistance Program. The YMCA offers financial assistance for those in need (using a need-based process)
   4. Members may be charged a fee for overdrafts and declined credit cards (NSF’s).

Discontinuance/Suspension of Membership
   1. Voluntary
      a) Paid in Full: A member who has paid his/her membership fee in full is considered a member for the duration of the paid membership. If the member does not renew his/her membership, it will terminate automatically as of the renewal date. The member will have a 30 day grace period to renew without being charged a joiners fee. A member may also request to terminate his/her membership at any time and may request a refund for the unused portion of the membership.
      b) Monthly Payment Plan: A member who has paid his/her membership fee using the monthly payment plan remains a member until he/she notifies the YMCA in writing or in person. The draft will terminate as of the next draft date. The member can request a refund for the unused portion of the current month.
   2. Involuntary
      a) Inappropriate behavior – any member may be disciplined, as outlined in the Code of Conduct, by censure, suspension or expulsion from membership whenever such action shall be necessary or appropriate. This action will occur at the discretion of the Branch Executive Director. If the member wishes to appeal the action, he/she may, in writing, request a hearing within ten (10) days of the date the action was taken. The request should be made of the Executive Director who will, within ten (10) working days, convene an association-wide review committee of representatives of the various branch boards and/or staff. The majority vote of the review committee will be final. If a hearing is requested, the membership will be
suspended until the hearing has been held. A written decision will be rendered within three (3) working days of the hearing.
      b) Failure to meet financial responsibility – Any draft member who misses a payment and does not make payment within 10 days of notification shall have his/her membership terminated.
      c) A person whose membership in another branch that has been suspended or terminated shall not be eligible for membership in any other branch of the association.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee
The YMCA is proud to offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If a dissatisfied member comes to a membership staff representative at any time during his/her membership, they have the opportunity to terminate the membership immediately. If the member has a draft membership, the next draft will not take place. If the member has paid in full, he/she can request a refund for the unused portion of the membership. Joiners fees are nonrefundable except at the discretion of the Executive Director and his/her designee.

Memberships can be placed on hold for duration of one to six months for a fee. Exceptions may be made for medical conditions or military duty.