Dormitory Programs at the Greater Portland Branch

Greater Portland
70 Forest Ave
Portland ME 04101

Dormitory Programs

For information regarding the Men's Dormitory Program in the Greater Portland Branch, 70 Forest Ave, contact Bill Bormet at 874-1111, ext. 101.

For information regarding the SRO Residence at 231 High Street, please visit Avesta Housing.

Men's Dormitory Program at 70 Forest Ave, Portland

Founded in 1853 and incorporated in 1860, the Portland YMCA is the twelfth oldest of the 2,283 YMCA's in the United States and the largest in Maine.  From its inception, the Greater Portland Y has had a residential program. It was originally designed to provide safe and affordable sleeping accommodations to sailors and men coming to the city to relocate.

Over the years the residential program has seen many changes and continues to change and evolve everyday. The YMCA is a reflection of the larger community with all the complexity, diversity, and challenges that any city demands of its residents. Here at the YMCA we work closely with our residents to meet those complex and diverse challenges.

The end result is a YMCA that has positioned itself in partnership with city officials and other social service agencies to create and deliver over 31,000 beds per year to men in transition. This enormous contribution is taking place in a city with a 99% occupancy rate. Not only is the Men's Dormitory at the Greater Portland branch the largest facility of its kind in Portland, but we continue to demand quality assurance from ourselves.  We have created a social service referral system that captures the full scope of the men who stay here.  We conduct reference and background checks on each individual deciding to make the YMCA their home. And most importantly, we do all this while embracing the YMCA core values of Caring, Honesty, Respect, and Responsibility.

The YMCA dormitory program is a vibrant living entity that contributes to the overall success of the YMCA. We provide many community services to men in transition, work in partnership with our community to provide a safety net to men in need, and so much more.

Room Rates - as of July 1, 2012. Rates guaranteed through December 2014.

Week/Day Price Comments
Week 1-4 $186*

$145 Rent* (Wednesday Move-In)
$11 Sales Tax
$10 Key deposit
$20 Background check fee

Week 5+ $145 Due Wednesday
(includes rent, no tax due)

*The first week will be prorated based on move in date. Rates for payment with vouchers may vary slightly. Please contact us for complete details.