Online Registration FAQs

Online Registration FAQs

If you have any questions that aren't answered in the FAQ please feel free to contact your local branch, phone numbers are listed at the bottom of this page.

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Does it cost more/less to register online?

No. Registering online is a new service we are offering to YMCA program participants. At this time there are no additional fees or incentives to register online.

What other registration methods do you offer?

The YMCA wants to help make your program registration as convenient as possible. Our online registration system is one way that you can register for programs, however, not all of our programs are available online and we realize that you may prefer to register for programs in person. Each of our YMCA locations have staff that will be willing to help you with your program registration. You can find detailed contact information and directions to each of our branches on the "Contact Us" page of each branch.

Can I purchase a YMCA membership online?

Not at this time. We feel it is important to meet prospective members in person at each of our YMCA branches. It is an important step towards getting to know each of our members and helping develop the sense of community and understanding of what makes the YMCA different from other organizations.

Whom can I notify regarding errors or other technical concerns?

We work hard to ensure that this web site is accurate and fully functional at all times. However, if you have difficulties signing in or registering for programs, please contact your local branch by phone.

Can I ask a particular Program instructor a question?

When you are reviewing class information and availability, you will notice a ‘More Information’ link. If an instructor has already been assigned to a class, their name and contact information will be listed.

How do I pay for Programs I register for online?

Currently our online registration allows for VISA and MasterCard payments. We can not apply discounts of any kind to online registrations. If you wish to apply for financial assistance, or some other form of discount, you will need to register in person at your local YMCA branch.

What information is required to create my online registration login?

To create your online registration login you will need to provide your Last name, DOB and Zip Code. This information must match the information that is on file at the YMCA. If your account is not found when creating your login, please contact your local branch before proceeding to be sure that we have accurate information.

What does "Your e-mail address has not been registered" mean?

If you are a current YMCA member or have been a member in the past, a Program Participant, or a Contributor your account should be accessible online. However, this error states that you have not registered your on-line identity with our database yet. There are 2 ways you can register:

  1. Select "Close". You will be returned to the main registration page. Click the button that says "Start Here" to create your login. Enter your last name, DOB, and ZIP Code and click "Find Me". You will then be asked to register your email address and password.

  2. Contact your local branch during normal business hours to enter your email address and your password into our database for you.

What does "No member was found with the e-mail address you supplied" mean?

This error occurs when you are attempting to reset your password, but your email address doesn’t exist in our system. Please refer to What does "Your e-mail address has not been registered" mean?

What does "We could not locate your account based on the information provided" mean?

Who's in the database? All Active Members and Past Members, All Past Contributors, Anybody who has registered for a program at any of our branches since April 2005.

I should be in the database but I’m still getting this error: It is possible that we have incorrect information in our database associated with the fields that the database uses to identify you. For example if we don’t know your Date of Birth, this field may have a default value and not your actual DOB. To correct this, you will need to contact your local branch and ask them to verify that we have your correctly spelled last name, Date of Birth, and ZIP Code entered into your unit information.

How do I get into the database? If you have not been added to our database in the past, visit or call your local branch. Our front desk staff can get you set up in our database so that you may begin online registration.

If you have any trouble we would be happy to assist you, phone numbers for each branch are listed below:

Portland YMCA: (207)874-1111

Casco Bay Regional YMCA: (207)865-9600

Pineland YMCA: (207)688-2255