Challenge Yourself!

Tri for the Y & Duathlon is a fundraising event for the Y.  We encourage participation by people with a variety of fitness levels and competitive experiences.  The money raised at this event will go toward our financial assistance program.


Tri for the Y & Duathlon!

Thanks to everyone who made the 5th Annual Tri for the Y on Sunday, May 18th, a success!  We had a great turnout and the rain held off.  Thanks to all our athletes, volunteers, sponsors, donors, and staff who helped make this a great event!

To view pictures from the event, visit our Facebook page!




The triathlon will be a sprint triathlon consisting of:

  • 325 yard pool swim
  • 13 mile bike ride
  • 3 mile run

The Duathlon will consist of:

  • 1.5 mile run
  • 13 mile bike ride
  • 3 mile run

This event is intended to encourage participation by people with a variety of fitness levels and competitive experiences.  We encourage families to participate so we are allowing ages 13 and up at this event.


Who Benefits from these Events?

The YMCA is committed to offering programs and services to the community that promote healthy spirit, mind, and body for all, regardless of ability to pay.  To that end, we turn no one away because of an inability to pay.

The money raised at these events will go toward our financial assistance program.  In total, the YMCA provided more than $809,547 in financial assistance to members of our community last year.  1 in 3 members of the Y received some level of assistance in the past year.  The proceeds from these events will ensure that we continue to make our programs and services accessible to all.

In addition to supporting a healthy community, your participation in these events will provide you with an enjoyable day of family fun!  We look forward to seeing you on race day!  If you have any questions, or need any further information than is provided on this website, please do not hesitate to contact us at


Volunteers Needed!

This event can't succeed without the volunteers who help us keep the event safe and make sure everything runs smoothly.  Being a volunteer is also a great way for the friends or family of racers to cheer athletes on up close and personal.  Volunteers get a great t-shirt, refreshments during the day, and the satisfaction of helping the race run safely and professionally.  In total, we need over 100 volunteers in a variety of positions.  Click here to learn more about volunteering at the race, or click on the button to volunteer today!


Race Information

Race Date: Sunday, May 18th, 2014
Race Time: 9:00 am Race Start
Location: Casco Bay Branch, 14 Old South Freeport Road, Freeport, ME

2014 Athlete Guide!


Race Categories

Individual Triathlon:  Swim 325 yards, Bike 13 miles, Run 3 miles
Triathlon Relay:  Consists of 2 or 3 people completing the following three segments as a team: Swim 325 yards, Bike 13 miles, and Run 3 miles
Duathlon: Run 1.5 miles, Bike 13 miles, Run 3 miles


Entry Fees

Individual Triathlete:  $85
Triathlon Relay Team Member:  2 person: $90;  3 person: $130
Duathlon: $85

Your entry fee includes your place at the start line, a great t-shirt, well-marked and supported course, post-race refreshments, and a family fun-filled day!



Everyone must sign a USAT waiver before you are allowed to race.  If you register online, you will sign the waiver electronically.  If you sign up by paper, it is on the back of the registration form.

USAT Waiver

USAT Application for Membership


Packet Pick-Up

We have three days and times for packet pick-up this year.  Please bring your photo ID.  If you are a USAT annual member, bring your USAT card.  (This race is sanctioned by USAT and we cannot deviate from their policy that requires a photo ID and USAT membership card for all USAT members.  We also cannot allow anyone to pick up anyone else's packet).  Only you can pick up your packet.  If you are part of a relay team, all team members must be present to pick up the packet.  All athletes under 18 MUST have an adult sign the waiver.  Timing chips will be distributed on race morning at the entrance to transition.


USAT Sanctioning

The Tri for the Y will be a USAT sanctioned race. 



Please look over the USAT Rules.  You are responsible for understanding them and abiding by them.


Inclement Weather

The Tri for the Y will not be cancelled for any reason other than severe conditions that post extreme danger to athletes and volunteers.  Race Management reserves the right to alter the course in whatever way they deem is in the best interest of the athletes and volunteers.  This includes, but is not limited to, shortening or changing the course, removing one of the sports, postponing the start, etc.  There are no refunds in the case of weather caused changes or cancellations.  If canceled, the races will not be rescheduled.


Cancellation Policy

The Y is a registered 501(c)(3) organization.  There will be no refunds for this event.  Your registration is not refundable and is non-transferable.


Course Information


The swim will take place in the Casco Bay Branch pool.  The length of the swim is 325 yards or 13 lengths of the pool.  This pool has 8 lanes and there will be 2 people swimming in each lane.  Each swimmer will stay on their own side of the lane to complete their distance.

There will be approximately 15 waves.  The waves will be put together based on individual swim times for the 325 yards.  Each swimmer must submit their swim time for the 325 yards on their registration.

Duathlon Run

The first run of the duathlon will take place on the same course as the second run.  Runners will start adjacent to the Transition Area in the YMCA parking lot.  The course will travel out for 0.75 miles and then return along the same route.  There will not be any aid stations on this first run.  You are not allowed to use iPods on the bike or the run.


The bike course consists of 13 miles out and back through scenic South Freeport. These country roads are low traffic roads with rolling hills and some big climbs. On race day the course will be well marked and supported with plenty of volunteers. There will be no aid station on the course, and you are responsible for bringing your own water for the bike portion of the race. We will have bike support if you need help on race day. There will be some challenging hills for first time triathletes. Please be prepared. We encourage you to meet some friends at the Casco Bay Branch in Freeport and ride the course together prior to the race. Maps are available at the front desk.  You are not allowed to use iPods on the bike or the run.


This is a 3-mile course that is fairly flat with one long slow climb. It will take you to through a quiet South Freeport neighborhood. There will be aid stations at mile 1 and at mile 2.  You are not allowed to use iPods on the bike or the run.


The transition area will be located outside the YMCA in the parking lots closest to the building. The transition area will open at 7:00 am on race morning and will close approximately 15 minutes before the start of the race.

Before entering the transition area on race day you will be body marked, and your bike will be checked for working brakes and handlebar plugs. You will also be checked to make sure you have a proper bike helmet.

When entering the transition area look on the bike racks for your race number. You need to place your bike on the side of the rack that your number is located. You will get approximately 2 feet of space on the left of your bike for your race equipment.

Once the race starts, only volunteers and race management are allowed in the transition area. Athletes that have started the race may enter the transition area. No other athletes will be allowed in the transition area while the race is in progress. After you have finished the race, you will not be allowed back into the transition area until the last person has transitioned from their bike to the run.


After you have crossed the finish line, post-race refreshments will be provided.  We will also have other post-race fesitivies.  Please enjoy your day!

Relay Teams

Relay teams are made up of two or three people. Two person relays; One person will do two legs of the race while the other does one. A three-person relay will require each person to do one leg of the race. Relays are required to tag off at the transition area. The cyclist cannot take his bike off the rack until the person doing the first leg of the race (either swim or 1st run) has tagged the biker. The cyclist cannot tag the runner before re-racking the bike.


Course Directions & Map



The swim will take place in the Casco Bay Branch pool.


    • At transition proceed to bike out.
    • At exit from YMCA take right to Old South Freeport Road.
    • At stop sign, take right to South Freeport Road.
    • Turn right to Porters Landing Road.
    • Porters Landing Road will turn into Lower Mast Landing Road.
    • Turn right to Flying Point Road (up-hill climb - caution)
    • Bear left to Pleasant Hill Road (up-hill climb - caution)
    • Turn right to Kelsey Ridge Road.
    • Turn left to Windsor Post Road.
    • Turn left to Pleasant Hill Road (fast downhill - caution)
    • Follow to Flying Point Road (fast downhill - caution)
    • Take left to Lower Mast Landing Road.
    • It will turn into Porters Landing Road.
    • Left to South Freeport Road.
    • Turn left to Old South Freeport Road.
    • Return to YMCA. Follow signs for bike in.

Click here to view the Bike Course Map


    • At transition follow signs for run out.
    • Take right at YMCA exit to Old South Freeport Road.
    • At stop sign, take right to South Freeport Road.
    • Take right to Lambert Road.
    • Take right to Sherwood Drive (long slow uphill)
    • Turn around at Cousins Drive and come back down Sherwood Drive.
    • Turn right onto Lambert Road.
    • Turn around at parking lot before dirt road.
    • At end of Lambert Road, take left to South Freeport Road.
    • Take left at Old South Freeport Road.
    • Take left to YMCA finish line!!

Click here to view the Run Course Map



Awards will be issued in the following categories for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place:

Top Male Triathlete
Top Female Triathlete
Top Relay Team Triathlon
Top Male Duathlete
Top Female Duathlete
Top Duathlete

Triathlon - The top 3 males and females in each age group (19 and under and every 5 years to 80+) will receive an award.  Also, the top (one) relay teams of all women, men, and co-ed teams will get an award.

Duathlon - The top 3 males and females in each age group (19 and under and every 5 years to 80+) will receive an award.



One of the key components to the success of the Tri for the Y is fundraising!  The money raised at this event will go toward our financial assistance program.  In total, the YMCA provided more than $809,547 in financial assistance to members of our community last year.  The proceeds from this event will ensure that we continue to make our programs and services accessible to all.

Need help setting up your imATHLETE Fundraising Page?  Click here for detailed instructions!

All athletes who fundraise over $250 will receive the following prizes:

Top Fundraiser ($1,500)

  • Free Year YMCA Membership
  • Fleece
  • Towel
  • Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

$1,000+ Fundraiser

  • Fleece
  • Towel
  • Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

$500+ Fundraiser

  • Towel
  • Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

$250+ Fundraiser

  • Long Sleeve Performance T-Shirt

Included with Entry

  • Performance T-Shirt



We offer Tri for the Y Training classes at all 4 branches to help you get ready for the Tri for the Y!  Whether your just competed in your first tri or are looking for a great training program to enhance your performance, this course is for you.  Our experienced triathlon experts will lead you through a class that will include swimming, cycling (indoor), and running.  Due to the number of indoor bikes, there are maximums for each class so sign-up early!  Non-members must be registered for the event before registering for this training class. 

Training classes for the 2015 Race will be posted in the Spring!



We will need approximately 100 volunteers to make our race a success!  We hope you will be part of our team.  Volunteers will get a great t-shirt and will also get refreshments during their time with us. 

Volunteers are needed during the following times in the following positions. The number of volunteers is indicated in the parenthesis. Keep in mind, some times may change based on the needs of the position. A Volunteer Coordinator will be in touch with you regarding your specific assignment:
Parking (8): 6:00am-9:00am and 9:00am-12:30pm
Run Guides (8): 8:00am-12:30pm
Water Station (6): 8:00am – 12:30pm
Bike Station (14): 6:45-11:30am
Transition (18): 6:30-11:30am
Medical (5): 7:30am-12:00pm
Swim Area (13): 7:00-11:00am
Finish Line Area (8): 7:30am-12:30pm
Food Tent (6): 8:00am-12:00pm
Packet Pick Up (3): Friday in Auburn 4-7pm, Saturday at Casco Bay Branch 4-7pm, Sunday at Casco Bay Branch 7-8am

Remember, we can't put on a race without volunteers!  We need your help!

All volunteers must fill our a Volunteer Waiver Form.

Any questions about volunteering, please e-mail Lura Raymond ( or Karen Tucker (  Thank you!


Frequently Asked Questions

I want to do the race with my child.  Can he/she participate?

Athletes must be 13 years of age or older to participate individually or as a member of a team. Any athlete under 18 must have a waiver signed by a parent or legal guardian. Please view the course before allowing any child under 18 to do the race.

What do I wear for the race?

You should wear something that you will swim, bike and run in. The clothing you wear should be dry fit or polyester or nylon so that it dries quickly. Cotton is not a good choice. Bring plenty of layers in case of cold weather or rain.

How are the Waves assigned?

Participants will be assigned to a wave based on swim time for the 325-yards.

What time will my Wave start?

The first swim wave will start at approximately 9:00am. Each subsequent swim wave will start according to how long it will take the wave prior to do the swim. A wave sheet with your start time will be provided to you on or before the pack pick-up.

What time should I arrive?

The transition area opens at 7:00 am. If you arrive before 7:00 am, you will not be able to access the transition area. We suggest you arrive between 7:00am and 7:30 am to allow time to park and walk to the transition area. All athletes MUST be set up in the transition area by 8:45 a.m.

Why do I have to be at the YMCA so early when my wave doesn't go off until much later in the morning?

We ask that all athletes be in the transition area and set up by 8:45 am because the transition area will be closed to all athletes when the race starts. You may wait for your swim wave anywhere on location except the transition area.

What should I bring with me on race day to the transition area?

Bike, approved Bike Helmet, Bike Shoes, Running Shoes, Pre-filled Water bottles, extra clothes to change after the race. Lockers and showers are available. Self Confidence!

How is the transition area set up?

Transition area is set up with bike racks marked with your race number. Please find your race number on the end of the bike racks. You must set your bike up on the same side of the bike rack that your number is displayed. You will have about 18 inches to the left of your bike to set up your transition area.

How do I keep track of my transition spot?

You can put a very bright towel under the items needed in your transition area to help mark your spot. You may also bring some type of sign to mark your spot but you must not put it in the way of any other athlete. Balloons will not be allowed.

Where should I park?

Parking areas will be sent you to with your athlete package.

Where are the restrooms?

There are many restrooms available at the Casco Bay Branch. We will also have some portable bathrooms set up in transition. Lockers and showers will be available to you after the race.

Where can a spectator get something to eat or drink?

We will have food available to purchase at the event.

Can spectators get into the swim area to see the participants do the swim portion?

Yes, spectators will be allowed into the swim portion of the race. Space will be limited. There will be plenty of space to watch your athlete after they come from the pool and transition to the run.

Will there be professional medical personnel on hand?

Yes, we will have plenty of medical personnel on hand if needed. We will also have ambulances on location if they are needed.

What kind of bike can I ride?

You may ride a bike from following categories: mountain, hybrid, road or tri bike. You may not ride a recumbent bike or a tandem bike. If you plan to use a bike that has not been ridden for an extended period of time, make sure it is in top working condition before you begin training with it. Do not ride a new or different bike for the first time on race day. Do not arrive at the event with a bike that is not in good operating condition, including the tires. Be aware that there is bike maintenance or assistance on the course.