YMCA of Southern Maine

For a Better Us.™

  1. Visit our Reservation System.
  2. Select the branch you intend to visit. 
  3. Click Schedule a Visit and log into your account*.
  4. Select the people on your membership for whom you’d like to make a reservation. (Reservations are limited to one person per lane.)
  5. Select the pool you’d like to visit - Lap Pool-Reservations or Small Pool-Reservations, and click Next.
  6. Select the Date for which you want to make your first reservation.
  7. Select the Visit Time frame for which you’d like to make the reservation. A few things to note:
    • Each block represents 30 minutes.
    • For a 1-hour reservation (recommended) be sure to check two concurrent boxes
    • Swimmers must exit the natatorium, not just the pool, by the end of their reservation.
  8. Click Book Appointment.
  9. You’re done! You may cancel your reservation or book additional visits (up to four active reservations at any given time) by logging into your account.

*Having trouble logging into your account? Click here.


A few things to note:
  • Members may check into their pool reservation no earlier than 15 minutes in advance.
  • Members can visit other areas of the facility before swimming (e.g. cardio), if capacity limits in those areas allow.
  • Members who arrive more than 15 minutes late will forfeit their reservation.
  • Reservations are for a specific time (e.g. 8:00-9:00am) and end at that time, regardless of how long the member has been in the pool.
  • Members are asked to exit the natatorium, not just the pool, by or before the end of their reservation in order to allow the next swimmer to check in on time.
  • Members cannot begin swimming until the previous swimmer has left the natatorium. We ask that everyone remain aware of the time to ensure all have the opportunity to enjoy the pools.
  • Social distancing and mask protocols must be followed at all times. Members are required to wear their mask unless they are swimming, actively exercising, or in the shower.

Make A Reservation