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Thanksgiving & Wisdom

Posted by: Helen Breña on 11.27.15 at 12:00:00 am

I had the pleasure of spending this Thanksgiving with family, specifically my parents.  As I sat down at the the dinner table, raised my glass of wine, and toasted my thanks for family, I looked at my parents and really saw them.  As they get older (Mom is 83, Dad is 91), we spend as much time with them as we can.  They won't be here forever.  Yet, they still have so much to teach.  It isn't just their parental guidance and admonishments that have continued from childhood (Stand up straight!  Be careful, you will get hurt!), it's their wisdom and spirit they instill in us to be better people in this world. 

My parents have four children and 8 grandchildren they are still teaching.  I am sure countless numbers of our friend's, neighbors, and relatives have been touched by them as well.  They are, however, only two of the many wise senior citizens living among us, teaching us.  Who in your life teaches you?  I encourage us all to reach out and listen to the experience, wisdom, and guidance of those who have lived longer than us, seen more than us, and can teach us all to be better people.  


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