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If you are looking to enroll as a Non Member in order to register for programs, please use the “My Account” link to create an account and enroll in classes. (When prompted to choose a membership type, be sure to scroll to the bottom of the page and select “Non-member.”)

Log In With Phone or Email

Members will now have the option to identify their account with an email address or phone number.

Quick Login

If you cannot remember your password, we now include multiple options for receiving a one-time code. You may select from the email addresses associated with the account, or an SMS text message for the phone number on the account.


Reset Password

If you choose to reset your password instead of using the one-time code, we offer the option of sending a reset link via email.

Select Member

When you log in, we will present the list of members on your account. If two individuals on the same account have the same email and password, we will no longer block your login. Once your credentials are entered, we will prompt you to identify who you are before proceeding to your account.

Online Registration System

Once logged in, a list of class categories will appear. A list of classes is also available on our website on the Schedules page or at the Front Desk.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have been locked out of my account. What do I do?
  • Please call us to have your account reset. PLEASE NOTE: You will be locked out of your account for ONE HOUR after your password has been reset. During that time, you should contact the branch directly to register for programs.
Q: How do I view my program registrations?
  • Click on “My Account” and choose “Registrations”
  • Choose “Current/Upcoming” or “Past” for “All Members” or choose a specific member
  • Click on “View Details” for any program to see more information
Q: How do I get a receipt?
  • Click on “My Account” then “Payment History”
  • Select the drop down list for the date range needed
  • Click on the arrow next to each payment method to see a detail of he fees
  • Click on the printer icon to view a printer-friendly receipt option
Q: How do I print my child care tax statement?
  • Click on “My Account” then “View Account”
  • Click on “20XX year-end child care statement”
  • Tax statement will include all tax deductible child care programs and camp
  • Tax statements are generated by February for the previous calendar year
Q: How do I update my credit card expiration date?
  • Click on “My Account” then “View Account”
  • Scroll down to Payment Methods
  • Click on the pencil to the right of the billing method you wish to update
  • Update as needed and click “Submit”
Q: How do I delete a payment method?
  • Click on “My Account” then “View Account”
  • Scroll down to Payment Methods
  • Click “Delete” next to the payment method you wish to remove
    • PLEASE NOTE: You cannot delete a payment method that is currently being used for membership, scheduled program payments, or scheduled pledge payments. For assistance, please call us.
Q: How do I add a new credit card to my account?
  • Click on “My Account” then “View Account”
  • Scroll down to Payment Methods
  • Click “Add Credit Card”
  • Enter billing information and click “Submit”
    • PLEASE NOTE: This will NOT automatically update the billing method for your scheduled payments. If you wish to change your payment method, please call us.
Q: How do I update the payment method associated with my membership?
  • Please call us so we may assist you.
Q: How do I make a reservation?