YMCA of Southern Maine

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How much does membership cost?

Please check our membership pricing for more information.

What does ‘draft’ mean as a way to pay for a membership? 

A draft is when you have your monthly payment debited on the first of the month. You can use your checking account, credit card, or debit card as a method of payment.

Is there a charge if I cancel my membership?

No, we do not charge you a fee to cancel your membership. We do not have “annual contracts” – you can cancel your membership at any time.

What's the policy on bringing a guest? 

Guests do not have to accompany a member. The cost is $12 for an adult, $8 for a child and $20 for a family. We do welcome guests 3 times in a 12 month period. After that, a membership would be required. (Exceptions could be made for those living out of the area.)

My college age child is home for two weeks and wants to use the Y. What do I do? 

We offer a long-term guest pass in two weeks and one month increments. We also allow college students to put their membership on hold multiple times throughout the year with only one hold fee. Lastly, you can upgrade your membership for a period of time (if your child is 22 years of age or younger).

Can my child’s grandparent/caregiver/nanny bring them to their Y programs? 

Yes. Caregivers are able to accompany children to swim lessons and other Y programs.

Can I use other YMCAs? 

You can use any of our branches interchangeably at no extra cost. If you’re traveling, you can also access any Y in New England at no cost with your membership.

Can I use the gymnasium? 

Of course! Our basketball court is available to all members, as long as no class is using the space. Please see our gym schedules (Pineland & Portland) for details.

Do I need to register for classes (like yoga or boot camp)? 

Members can drop in to classes at any time, provided the class does not have a required registration. Some classes are for members only, and some are open to non-members as well. Please see the program guide or ask for details on an individual class.

Can I rent the pool for a splash party (or just rent a room)?

Yes. We have many party & facility rental options. Please check out our Party & Rentals page.

How do I sign my kids up for swim lessons? 

You can sign up at our membership desk, or online. There is a $22 fee for swim lessons for those with a family or single adult family membership and $77 with a youth or program membership . We offer financial assistance for all classes.


Do you have a Jacuzzi? 


Do you have a sauna? 

Yes, the Portland Branch has saunas in both the men's and women's locker rooms.

Do you have a squash or racquetball court? 

Yes, there are squash and racquetball courts at the Portland Branch.

Where is the bowling alley? 

There is a bowling alley at the Pineland Branch in New Gloucester. Members can reserve the alley.

How do I sign up for a wellness center or aquatics orientation? 

All new members are invited to sign up for Smart Start, This FREE four-week program is designed to help you make the most of your membership. You’ll meet one-on-one with a Wellness Specialist to talk about your wellness goals and how the Y can help you meet them. Together, you’ll try out classes and activities that interest you. Members tell us they love the confidence Smart Start gives them. And, it’s suitable for all experience levels and interests because it offers customized, one-on-one coaching.

To sign up, simply visit our Membership Desk or speak to a one of our Wellness Specialists.

Do I need to register for the classes, or are they drop-in? 

You are welcome to drop-in on most of our group exercise classes. Those requiring registration are noted on the schedule and in our newsletter.

What do you have that's good for a beginner? 

We have many classes for all levels. You will see Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced noted below each class on most of the classes on our group exercise schedules. Feel free to inquire with our membership or wellness staff to make a suggestion based on your interests.

How do I sign up for personal training, fitness assessments, etc.? 

Just stop by the Membership Desk and we’ll get you started by filling out the registration forms. Then, someone in the wellness department will call to schedule your appointment.

I'm planning on competing in a triathlon - can you help me with that? 

Yes! We have Triathlon Training classes held at most of our branches. Call your local branch or check our newsletter for class offerings.

Do I need to wear a swim cap in the pool? 

No. We do ask you to tie back your hair if it is shoulder length or longer. All members must shower before getting in the pool. If you plan on going under water, please also wet your hair during your shower.

Do you offer private swim lessons? 

Yes. We offer private and semi-private lessons, in addition to our group lessons. You can sign up for these online or contact the Aquatics Director at your local branch.

Do I need to sign up for the aquatics exercise classes? 

No, simply drop-in.

Should I call ahead before I come in? 

We try to minimize closures to the best of our ability so that you won’t have to call before you come in. However, you are welcome to do so if you would like. You can also sign up for our text alerts to stay up to date on the latest Y news.

What is open swim vs. lap swim on the schedule? 

Lap swimming is consistent swimming back and forth in the pool. Open swim is available for those who want to do their own water exercise routine, families who want to ‘play’ in the water, etc.

When is the pool least busy/most busy? 

For lap swimming, our busiest times are early in the morning and after school during the swim team season. Late morning and late evening are quieter.

What are the requirements for kids in the pool who are not yet potty-trained? 

Children need to wear two  tight-fitting layers. This would include a swim diaper and rubber pants. A bathing suit would not qualify as a tight fitting layer. This is very important. If we have an accident in the pool, we have to close it for 24 hours.

Can my child use the pool without me being present? 

Please refer to our Swim Test Policy and Facility Access Chart.

What is Prime Time

This is our ‘while you’re here child watch’ program designed to make it as easy as possible for everyone in your family stay happy and healthy. Prime Time is free for those with a family or single adult family membership.

Can I stay with my child at first to make sure he/she is comfortable? 

Yes, of course! Our staff will be happy to work with you during any transitions.

Do you offer vacation camps? 

Yes. We offer vacation camps during December, February, April and summer vacations.

What activities do you offer that families can do together? 

We offer a variety of special events geared towards young families throughout the year, such as our Halloween Party and Healthy Kids Day. Other activities include family movie nights and family swims. Family programs include Family Yoga, Family Gym, Parent & Tot Yoga, bowling, and access to our interactive family trail. For families with older kids, we encourage you to take group exercise classes together, play sports in our gymnasium, and find other healthy activities you enjoy together.