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WCSH6 207 Shares Adaptive Services Participant Story

Published 03.15.16

On March 14th Reporter Rob Nesbitt of WCSH6’s 207 shared the determination story of our Adaptive Services participant Gretchen and her determination in fighting MS. As Rob reported:

“The YMCA of Southern Maine will be holding an auction next month in Freeport to raise money to help keep one of its free programs going.

Around 80 members of the Freeport branch of the YMCA of Southern Maine take part in its Adaptive Services Program. It was formed 14 years ago to help those living with an illness, injury or disability that effects their ability to workout on their own. Gretchen Sayward signed up after being diagnosed with Multiple Scleroses (MS) in 2013.

"Spent all of 2013 in PT and OT for the whole year and then I was released because I stagnated and they said there wasn't really much more they could do for me and I wasn't ready to quit," said Sayward.”

Please watch the story on WCSH6’s 207 here.