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Adaptive Services Auction

The YMCA of Southern Maine’s Adaptive Services program helps hundreds of Mainers faced with illness and injury maintain independence, grow stronger, and live full lives. This unique program is offered at no cost to participants, ensuring that anyone faced with a life-changing illness or injury can get the specialized, nurturing support they need to heal.

To sustain this vital community program, we rely on the fundraising success of our annual auction. We get the highest value for our donated items by auctioning them off in our lobbies. Look for great items from art to services and everything in between for you and your loved ones.

Upcoming Lobby auctions

  • February 24-March 9, 2020 
  • March 16-30, 2020
  • March 30-April 13, 2020 
  • April 20-May 4, 2020 

*Bidding closes at 12pm on the last day of the auction.



Gretchen never thought that word would describe her, but in 2013 it became her reality. It seemed like one week she was running daily and the next she was unable to get out of her chair unassisted. Seemingly overnight, her left side was completely paralyzed by a rare form of Multiple Sclerosis. Gretchen was devastated, but determined to live the life she wanted to live.

That first year, Gretchen pushed herself to her limit in physical therapy. But when she wasn’t making progress, she was released from the program. “It really bothered me when I became disabled,” Gretchen recalls. “I said, ‘OK, I can’t do nothing.’ So, I found the Y. Thank God!”

Working regularly with Brittany, her Adaptive Services Specialist at the Y, Gretchen started making real progress. “The Y has been better for me than an entire year of PT. It’s made me stronger,” she says. “My neurology appointments have been much better. [My doctors] are really amazed by my strength.”

Best of all, Gretchen can walk again with the assistance of a walker. “Working with Brittney has been a lifesaver for me… to have [the Y] here in Freeport is a very good thing.”

Unfortunately, there are thousands more Mainers like Gretchen, living with potentially debilitating disabilities. In fact, nearly 19% of Mainers aged five and above are living with a mental and/or physical disability. And, as Maine’s population continues to age, this number will only grow.

Fortunately, they aren’t alone and the Y will never give up on them. For 15 years, the Y’s Adaptive Services program has helped hundreds of people with mental and physical challenges improve – and even regain – their quality of life. We do this by developing their bodies through specialized exercises and their self-esteem through personal relationships with peers, friends, and support staff.

No matter the challenge, whether it’s MS, cerebral palsy, cancer or Lou Gehrig’s disease, the Y is here to help. We are committed to empowering all people to lead full lives, regardless of their diagnosis. But we can’t do it without your support. Now is the time to act, so people like Gretchen can get back on their feet and living the lives they were meant to lead.

To support Adaptive Services, please consider donating an item to our auction, bidding on items in the lobby of your local branch, or making a donation to the program. Contact Haley Richardson by email or by calling 207-874-1111. Thank you.


The Y’s Adaptive Services program helps hundreds of Mainers faced with illness and injury maintain independence, grow stronger, and live full lives. Our unique program is offered at no cost to participants. This year, we’re excited to expand Adaptive Services to all four of our branches, ensuring that our neighbors throughout Southern Maine can get the specialized and nurturing one-on-one support they need to heal from a life-changing illness or injury.

Adaptive Services includes our LIVESTRONG at the YMCA cancer survivorship program. By focusing on the whole person and not the disease, LIVESTRONG at the YMCA is helping people move beyond cancer in spirit, mind, and body. 

We are dedicated to ensuring everyone, regardless of ability to pay, is able to benefit from these programs. The success of the auction helps sustain these vital community programs.

Interested in learning more about Adaptive Services, or know someone who could benefit from this program? Contact Kelly Newell, Wellness Director, by email or calling 207.865.9600 ext 208.